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E2 – Kristoffer Lawson / MySoCalledStartup.Life

Kristoffer Lawson has been a prominent and somewhat iconic figure in the Finnish Startup scene for over twenty years. Whilst he is probably best known for being the co-founder Holvi, he also founded the Alternative Party, and went to over 30 cities as part of the Travelling Salesman project. In addition, he has been a volunteer on numerous accelerators including Startup Sauna, Startup Wiseguys, BuildIT and more recently on Sampo and Kiuas. In this podcast, Kristoffer generously shares his startup community stories and hard-won insights.

E1 – Peter Vesterbacka / MySoCalledStartup.Life

Peter Vesterbacka has been a prominent figure in helping to build up Finland’s startup ecosystem. He is well know as the co-founder of Slush and MobileMonday, but in this podcast you will also discover how 20 years ago he was already active laying some foundations of what was to come via his HP Mobile e-Services Bazaar.