ubiquitous omni-channel bridge

PriceTap aims to be the universal seamless bridge that unites the pleasure of in-store shopping with the convenience of online, while working with brands to help people make satisfying delightful purchases – both new and secondhand.




Reducing unethical overstock

We are fortunate that our service provides a profit increasing solution that can also reduce the damaging impact of the fashion industry — the second most polluting after oil.

150 billion items are made per year and in some developed territories up to 30% is destroyed unsold.

PriceTap ensures better sell-through rates and therefore profits, providing a business option to reduce surplus-to-supply and unethical overstock.

And the effortless brand-facilitated secondhand exchanges (see below) will help justify investing in the production of more “enduring” items – as shoppers will easily learn the general resale value of items/brands.


Care and ethical information

PriceTap can display any product information after a scan, so we will later work with partners to provide care and ethical information.

100% sell-through

In the PriceTap Discover section, we will have pre-sale campaign features to generate 100% sell-through; meaning no wasteful over production.

Facilitating brand resale markets

Since PriceTap retains all the owned items picture+info, there is the option for one-tap secondhand exchanges that can automatically connect people of similar sizes/brand affinities — with the brand stores serving as convenient exchange points.