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Pricetap is the only customer loyalty service that lets retailers directly know their customers' desires, so that they can discreetly and dynamically automate personalized offers; thereby improving turnover and reducing the need for deep discounting.

Improved gross margins – Dynamic use of small personal discounts reduces the need for deep discounting.

Discreet – Based on the shopper “purchase intent data” (i.e. scans, wish list items) retailers make discreet personal offers.

Direct channel to customers – Customers can be reached directly with assured relevant offers. 

Automation – Sales recommendations to run granular promotions on individual sizes/colours.

Intelligence – See concrete shopper purchase intent data and what pricing ranges are working best.

Sample sales – Offer pre-sale, sample and clearance sales as customer benefits.

Digitalization and price transparency have disrupted traditional sales practices. And off-price retail options are becoming saturated. Retail needs innovative approaches like this.
— Frank Svenfelt, Samuji CEO
Will work very well in tough retail markets, plus has potential to combat the emergence of online, and in addition may work very well in the Outlet Mall and Factory stores.
— Industry insider