Garden Gathering

retail-tech and brands exploring delightful experiences

May/June 2019

Garden – Center for Finnish Fashion

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Shoppers don’t want “digital” experiences.

They want smooth, enjoyable and delightful experiences.

Tech is playing an exciting role in facilitating shopping experiences; however, the worlds of retail and tech have traditionally been separate, making it harder for developers and retailers to truly understand each other’s needs.

Therefore, the Garden Gathering is a community-driven project that aims to provide a platform for retailers, brands, designers, and retail/fashion tech developers to meet and share their findings, solutions and dreams of a better world.

So join us for the inaugural retail-tech Garden Gathering!

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2nd Floor

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How tech can make the fashion industry more sustainable

“Desired” participants:

  • Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko – Marimekko CEO

  • Pirjo Kääriäinen (Aalto University Professor & textile/material enthusiast)

  • Timo Rissanen (renowned global expert on fashion industry sustainability)

  • Happy Textiles Bazaar (commercializing global business ecosystems in the textile industry)

  • Spinnova (sustainable fibre from pulp with no harmful chemicals)

  • Hush Hush (high-fashion rental platform)

  • Zadaa (secondhand selling between similar people)

  • Ivalo (a marketplace for ethical and emerging fashion)

  • Sulapac (large-scale biodegradable alternative for plastic packaging)


Please do contact

Richard von Kaufmann // // +358 45 11 222 73